Download Updated Phil-Iri (Philippine Informal Reading Inventory)


Teacher Tool and Material for Reading Assessment is now Available in Creative Guro!

    The Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) is an initiative of the Bureau of Learning Delivery, Department of Education that directly addresses its thrust to make every Filipino child a reader. It is anchored on the flagship program of the Department: “Every Child A Reader Program,” which aims to make every Filipino child a reader and a writer at his/her grade level.

    The Phil-IRI is an informal reading inventory composed of graded passages designed to determine the individual student's performance in oral reading, silent reading and listening comprehension. These three types of assessments aim to find the student’s independent, instructional and frustration levels. The data from these measures could be used to design or adjust classroom, small group or individualized instruction to fit the students’ needs and abilities. The Phil-IRI is not the sole assessment tool that provides the holistic reading performance of the students; it only provides an approximation of the students' abilities and could be used in
combination with other reliable tools of assessment. The data shall also serve as one of the bases in planning, designing/redesigning the reading programs or activities in the school to improve the overall school reading performance.

    The entire set or package of Phil-IRI materials consists of: 1) Manual of Administration, 2) Group Screening Test in Filipino (GST) from Grades III-VI, 3) Group Screening Test in English from Grades IV to VI, 4) Graded Passages from Grade II to VII (Sets A, B, C, D) in English and Grades I to VI in Filipino (Sets A, B, C, D) and, 5) Forms for recording purposes both in English and Filipino. It is important for the teachers to study the manual and be oriented on the proper administration of the 2018 Phil-IRI.


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