Aklat ABAKADA Reading Material Complete Set


Teacher Tool, Material for Remedial Reading is now Available in Creative Guro!

ABAKADA is a booklet used by teachers to teach pupils reading in Filipino. Most teachers know what ABAKADA book is since this material was also used by their teachers and even their parents. 

If you are feeling nostalgic, Ma'am Criselda Dumadapat revived the ABAKADA Booklet and gave it a new look for the material to look even more amusing to the readers. This booklet contains 39 Lessons that will guide the learners in reading Filipino sounds, vowels, clusters, and blending.

Below is remedial reading material for teachers' and pupils' use. This will help the pupils to be familiar with Filipino words, phrases, and sentences.  You can download the printable material in PDF File or in Jpeg for your classroom or homeschool use. 

Copyright disclaimer: We do NOT own these reading materials featured on this website. Credits to Ma'am Criselda Dumadapat  . THIS IS NOT FOR SALE. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

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